Pine Haven Landscaping has been a family business since 1962.

My name is Jimmy Byrd. I now own Pine Haven Landscaping. My dad, Bill Byrd, started our family business in 1962 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He brought all six of his brothers into the business and they in turn, started their own branches of the company.

My family moved to Tennessee and dad started Pine Haven Landscaping in Nashville in 1986. I took over the company in 1991 when dad was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Our Promise To You
Here at Pine Haven Landscaping, we not only specialize in residential and commercial landscaping, we also specialize in custom decks, arbors, pergolas, pavilions, wood and stone retaining walls and fences. We do hardscaping which includes rock fountains along with custom stone work, stone patios, stone walls, decorative block and pavers. We do all types of grading, excavating and drainage work. We install sprinkler systems, sod, seed and straw.

Solving drainage problems is a major part of our work. We do downspout hookups, curtain French drains, area French drains, foundation French drains and positive drains. We do water-proofing to prevent your foundation from being eroded by water.

When it comes to foundation work, we install and repair footers, jack stands, beam supports, vapor barriers, vents, vent fans, treatment of all exposed wood in crawlspace areas for mold and mildew. We can solve problems you have or prevent problems from happening.

We can make the outside of your home as attractive and appealing as the inside and a place you'll be proud to show off to your friends.

Pine Haven Landscaping

Pine Haven Landscaping, Landscape Contractors, Goodlettsville, TN

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